New Glarus Cows on Parade

The New Glarus “cow parade” got its start when two New Glarus shopkeepers saw a cow parade in the airport in Zurich, Switzerland. Since the cows are manufactured in Zurich, and New Glarus is in dairy country, the painted cows seemed a perfect fit. Cows were imported from Switzerland and painted with unique designs by area artists. Today, the cows reside in various locations around town. See if you can spot them all (if you need hints, check our local street map)!


Choco the Cow is a Brown Swiss with a maple leaf emblem and wreath.

Maple Leaf Cheese & Chocolate Haus
554 1st St.


Moo-sher the Brown Swiss is painted to resemble a Swiss cow, a breed found in dairy herds throughout Green County.

Mosher and Associates
513 1st St.


Look above your head to find the “goldstein” cow. The cow wears a belt and bell that add a Swiss touch.

Bank of New Glarus,
501 1st St.


Recreational Cow
Its design depicts various recreational activities that go on in the park, including music, swimming and soccer.

Village Park
2nd St. & 4th Ave


Two cows call the Chalet Landhaus home.


Bernese Cow

This cow wears traditional Swiss Bernese folk attire, based on traditional Swiss folkwear. Bernease is near the Bike Trail behind the Landhaus.


Alpine Meadow Cow resides in the Chalet rock garden depicting a Brown Swiss cow lying in the grass and alpine flowers.

Chalet Landhaus Inn
801 Hwy 69


Bingo the Cow is painted with a bingo card. This theme was chosen because bingo is an activity greatly enjoyed by many of the residents of the New Glarus Home.

New Glarus Home
600 2nd Ave.


Udderly Etter named after long time school administrator Pete Etter. She is a black and white holstein, representing Mr. Etter’s country of birth.

New Glarus Elementary School
1420 2nd St.


Appenzell Cow

The cow is dressed in the traditional costume of a man from the Swiss Canton of Appenzell.

Hutch + Hide
600 First St.



She is painted in Swiss red with white ZZZZ’s floating off her back to remind you of the relaxing night’s sleep at the Swiss Aire Motel.

Swiss Aire Motel
200 Hwy. 69


Master Chef Cow

Standing in front of the New Glarus Hotel, she is painted in traditional chef’s garb, ready to serve your lunch.

New Glarus Hotel
100 6th Ave


Sunset Cow

Portrays a colorful sunset over the rolling farmland hills of Green County. Sunset grazes at the Bank of Cross Plains.

Bank of Cross Plains
512 Hwy 69


Quincy the Blue Cow is ‘branded’ with delicately painted illustrations of quince, a high pectin, local fruit that is great for jams, sauces and is often featured on the Cow & Quince menu.

Cow & Quince
407 2nd St


Alpaufzug Annie

Alpabzug, a Swiss tradition, occurs when lowland farmers bring their herds of cattle down from the Alpine pastures. The best cow of each herd is adorned with flowers and a treicheln bell, like Annie’s. Annie also sports Band-aids, bandages, and a cast signed by the staff of the clinic.

The Monroe Clinic
1800 2nd St.


Chuck the Cow – In honor of the shoes on its feet and the food it will someday become, Chuck represents Tofflers Pub & Grill very well! Tofflers—Swiss slang for biker—is why the cow wears a leather vest. The beer and burger represent Tofflers’ great food, and his Chuck Taylor shoes pay homage to the Jimmys who play live every other Thursday night.

Tofflers Pub & Grill
200 5th Ave.


Mabel the Cow

The newest parade member. If you look closely, the design shows familiar faces of the Leuthner family past and present.

Country View Veterinary Service
1106 Hwy 69